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Grand Noble Hotel Welfare Introduction

The hotel has developed a comprehensive wage and reward system, through a wide range of policies to improve the welfare of all employees.


According to the introduced wage system every six months staff gets a pay increase related to the income level. The hotel established an internal promotion system with 90% of the management staff being promoted internal. To share the hotels achievements an additional 13th month salary is granted to staff members. Through these effective measures Grand Noble Hotel continuously improves the wages and benefits of employees in order to motivate staff and fuel enthusiasm for work and enhance the sense of wellbeing.

Staff salary benefits

Employees working for a longer period of time get rewarded accordingly. Completed 4 months of work, gets the employee 50RMB per month extra, 10 months another 50RMB, 1 year a further 50RMB and completed 18 months another 50RMB. Adding up to 200RMB per month to the regular salary if completed one and a half years of service.


8 hours per day with 6 to 8 days off per month according to Chinese bank holidays. Completed 1 year service gets the employee 5 days annual leave. Also leave for pregnancy, wedding and sick cases is provided.


The hotel provides all employees with insurances covering Medicare, accidents, retirement and unemployment.

Staff meals

The hotels staff canteen and kitchen meet the class A requirements in terms of hygiene, construction and equipment. Staff can serve themselves with 4 meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Free of charge.

Staff accommodation

All staff lodging in the hotels dormitory free of charge.

The staff dormitory is fully air conditioned, with bathroom ensuite and a balcony. Higher floors are accessible via stairs and elevator. Internet access points are installed in every room.

Health care

Employees completing one year of service get free health checks.

Staff training

At Grand Noble we think that training is the most important. Our hotel training includes:

1. 4 days introduction training for new starters to get the basics straight

2. English and Japanese language training to improve foreign language skills and understanding

3. Mid level management training to promote staff

4. Further hotel skill and knowledge training by our department heads