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Explore Xi'an

Explore Xi'an

Xi'an was once called "Chang'an" in the Han Dynasty. The connotation of this name is "permanent peace". Xi'an marked the starting point of the world famous Silk Road. It obtained its present name in the year 1369. Xi'an ranks first on the list of the county's seven largest ancient capitals. From 11th century B.C. onwards, Xi'an or its vicinity has been established as the capital city by 15 kingdoms or feudal dynasties successively, including the Western Zhou, the Qin,the Han, the Sui and the Tang. It serves as an ancient capital city beyond comparison were regard as one of the "Four Ancient Civilizations of the World", together with Rome, Athens, and Istanbul.

Within Xi'an you can find a large number of historic attractions, 34 of which have been listed among the national monuments, such as the remains of Ban po Village, a Neolithic matriarchal clan community, the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, which has entered "the World Cultural Heritages", the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Small Wild Goose Pagoda built in the Ming Dynasty, and the time-honored Forest of Stone Tablets. Walking around this old city is like going through thousands of years back in history. So there is no wonder why foreigners always say "He who has not visited Xi'an can not be said to have visited China".

Xi'an has emerged as one of the most popular tourist cities in the county. With a rapid development of tourist industry and gradual improvement of the tourist environment, Xi'an now has a total number of 32 ranking hotels, 27 international tourist agencies and more than 100 domestic tourist services. In fact, tourist industry has become the mainstay in Xi'an 's economy, and the city is honored as one of the "Popular Tourist Cities in China".

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Travel Route

One Day East Line Tour

Terra Cotta Warriors, Huaqing Hot Spring, Mount Li Scenic Spot, Banpo Museum

One Day West Line Tour

Maoling Mausoleum, Qianling Mausoleum, Yide prince's tomb, Famen Temple Museum

One Day Tour of Mt. Hua

Located to the south of Huayin City, Huashan, or Mount Hua, is one of China's five sacred mountains. The tallest among the five, Mount Hua overlooks the Huanghe River and the Weishui River to the north and the Qinling Mountains to the south.

Two Days North Line Tour

Huang Di Mausoleum, Yellow River's Hukou waterfall, Yanan Jujube, Yangjialing, Pagoda Mountain, Yan River Bridge

One Day Xi'an City Tour

City Wall, North The Wild Goose Pagoda Square, Bell Tower and Drum Tower square